You’ll Never Believe How Much the World’s Most Expensive Tires Cost

For about $30,000, you can fit your Bugatti Veyron with a fresh set of rubber. That’s pretty damn expensive for something most consumers only pay a few hundred dollars for. But the Veyron’s tires are nothing compared to the tires you’re looking at right here. Officially certified by the Guinness Book of World Records as the “World’s Most Expensive Tires,” a pair of these will set you back $600,000. For tires. Naturally, they’re not just any set.

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2016 TyreSafe Tyre Safety Month briefing to be ‘comprehensive forum on tyre safety’

TyreSafe has shared details of the Tyre Safety Month Briefing, which is billed as a ‘comprehensive forum on tyre safety in Britain’. In addition to the annual launch of Tyre Safety Month materials, the briefing will include results of the second phase of the ‘Tread depth survey at the point of replacement’.

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Artificial intelligence at the heart of Bridgestone tyre making system

A new method of assembling tyres that promises to improve quality and productivity while eliminating the risk of human error has been introduced within a Bridgestone Corporation plant in Japan. The tyre maker has announced the installation of the new Examation system at its flagship Hikone passenger car tyre production site. But what is Examation?

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Continental signs MoU for new headquarters site in Hannover

In recent months Continental AG has been evaluating potential sites for its new headquarters, and has examined plots in Hannover and the nearby town of Garbsen. The company now shares that it is favouring the location near the ‘Pferdeturm’ in Hannover as the site for its future headquarters. Continental says it has officially entered concrete, detailed negotiations to this end with the city of Hannover.

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Goodyear presents service providers with European TruckForce Awards 2016

Goodyear has presented its European 2016 TruckForce Awards in Luxembourg, recognising the customer support of its 2,000-strong network. The awards ceremony was part of the second international TruckForce Convention and was held in parallel with the launch of the
new Dunlop on-road truck tyre range

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Iveco chooses Michelin OE tyres for Stralis XP truck

The New Iveco Stralis XP heavy truck will fit the next generation of Michelin X LINE Energy tyres as original equipment. The new X LINE Energy range is the first tyre range to receive an A grade rolling resistance ratings in the drive, steer and trailer positions, according to the European Tyre Label measure. As a result, Iveco customers can opt for the market’s first heavy truck tyre range to earn an “A” rating for rolling resistance on every axle.

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Spied! 2018 Kia GT Prototype Caught Testing in Germany

Our spy photographers have caught the 2018 Kia GT prototype, codenamed “CK,” undergoing testing in public in Germany. This could mean that Kia may be putting its upcoming rear-drive sports sedan through high-intensity performance testing on the autobahn, and possibly the Nürburgring race track before its official debut, which will likely be at the 2016 Paris auto show in October. Like the last prototype we spied, this one is still covered.

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