Goodyear Recognized by Subaru

Congratulations to Goodyear! Subaru presents Goodyear with a Top Supplier award.

The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company received two prestigious North American supplier awards for its performance in environmental sustainability and environmental stewardship by Subaru of Indiana Automotive (SIA).

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Speed Secret: How Summer Tires Transform the 2016 Chevrolet Camaro RS

It’s no secret that the turbocharged four-cylinder Camaro RS isn’t intended to be a Performance (with a big “P”) car. Evidence? The best tire you can order for it is a Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric “high-performance, all-season” run-flat. That doesn’t mean you have to accept that. Heck, our company has built a publishing empire on the “make it better/faster” premise.

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2016 TyreSafe Tyre Safety Month briefing to be ‘comprehensive forum on tyre safety’

TyreSafe has shared details of the Tyre Safety Month Briefing, which is billed as a ‘comprehensive forum on tyre safety in Britain’. In addition to the annual launch of Tyre Safety Month materials, the briefing will include results of the second phase of the ‘Tread depth survey at the point of replacement’.

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Yokohama ADVAN Sport V105 Put to the Test

You’ve read it countless times, but you still don’t take it very seriously. Heck, before I started taking performance driving lessons and participating in lapping events, I’d never thought twice about what kept my car and I well and alive, if you will. It wasn’t until I bought some new performance tires some 20 years ago that I realized they make all the difference in the world. Braking, steering, handling, acceleration, all are directly affected by the quality of the rubber you put on your car.

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Top 2016 summer and all-season tires | Car News

You think buying a new set of tires is complicated? This isn’t really a surprise given that countless new “inexpensive” brands persist and flood the market with new makes and models, all seemingly affordable and flawless. Needs, expectations, budget, and (most importantly) safety are important factors that must be met. Luckily for you, is here to help you find the best summer or all-season tires for your car or your truck in 2016.

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Firestone’s winning Indianapolis 500 history parallels that of Indianapolis Motor Speedway

The old proverb may insist that necessity is the mother of all invention, but sometimes innovation is all about simple impatience. Just ask Mario Andretti, the first driver to use slick tires at the famed Indianapolis Motor Speedway. It happened during a Firestone test in late 1960s when the racing legend didn’t want to sit around and wait for the engineers to carve thin slits called “sipes” into the rubber before he tried a new tire.

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Driverless vehicle rules split automakers

As federal officials work to finalize guidelines for autonomous vehicles, automakers and other interested parties are at odds over several hot button issues including the testing, regulation and even whether to license operators of autonomous cars. More than 60 public comments and documents submitted on self-driving vehicles to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration over the past several months show automakers, tech companies and the public have varying concerns and opinions Check out this story on {# #} As federal officials work to finalize guidelines for autonomous vehicles, automakers and other interested parties are at odds …

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Michelin expands regional commercial tyre accidental damage guarantee

Michelin has extended its accidental damage guarantee for regional tyres across the UK and Republic of Ireland (ROI) to a wider range of fitments. The company’s X Multi Guarantee now covers 37 tyre sizes, including Michelin’s most popular products on the replacement and original equipment markets. This marks an increase of 34 fitments from the previous scheme – and includes all X Multi and X MultiWay regional tyres, in all available sizes.

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